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There are two ways I read this scene. One of them is that Eska treats her brother like shit. the other implies incest.

In other words, as they say on 4chan: WHERE IS THE JOKE, FUCKLEY?!

I feel like there is a third possible reason?
That perhaps Desna genuinely likes sleeping in tubs.
I don’t think desna is absuive towards Eska otherwise she wouldnt have cared when he got hurt, and I feel like this is the only time we have ever see her “be abusive” towards Desna.

But I also don’t see a romantic/sexual situation between them either. Aas much as people like twincest.

Now they are both waterbenders who are used to the northern water tribe and its surroundings what if Desna likes to lay down in the bahtub and uses the water as a security blanket of sorts

(Source: theonewhogifs)

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